Sunday, January 1, 2012

Featured in Newspaper!

Hi ladies, I am sharing my excitement moment with you that my hobby is featured in a local chinese newspaper blog in Malaysia. Yes, CARD-MAKING!
The reporter found me through surfing my blog and she found my cards are interesting.
And she interviewed me on how I was started into this hobby. This hobby is still at primary stage locally here as too pricy to play along this industry unlike Singapore (if to compare to a neighbour country).
I have not got any chance to scan the paper which I did not believe that it took the big one page about my card-making. Easily it would have cost thousands of MYR. Will share later when I get the chance to scan.

Yes, now it is in year 2012 and so unbelievable time just flies too fast.

Wishing you to have another great year to go and have a happy new year of challenges!
Happy crafting!


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