Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.....

I am on long vacation now with my family in Australia, so I am not be able to make cards. However, I have been always viewing and visiting some of my favorite websites. I visited some craft shops in Australia and they looked wonderful and interesting.

Christmas in Australia is different from Malaysia. The air in Melbourne is so dry, the weather is changeable anytime in a day and day after the next day. It turns easily from 24 degree to 39 degree or vice-versa on the next day.

I will be back to my daily life in January 2010. Wow, it is gonna be another year. Time flies fast...So I will be in making cards in year 2010. More inspirations that I got to get here now...So Merry Christmas and a very Happy new Year to you, go and get new resolution for the new year then!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hero Arts 2010 catalog and products

Hero Arts is coming up with party celebration with every store in United States and new stamps will be released in coming week. So thrilled to see the stamps but not sure with my local store here...whether any preview for such product.

Anyway, just go to Hero Arts 2010 and have a peek over there. Many giveaways will be given out..I wanna have too..

I am taking part in this challenge on Contest #3 and really inspired with the color combo and the designs just look like Dolly lace...The stamps pattern are all from Sparkle Clear : Simple Messages and the old stamp of HA called Circle Graphics. The flower is from the Stamp It: Floral.

So what do you think of that??

Thanks for your comments given in my blog. HAve fun everybody!! Whoo Whoo!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

More Christmas tags....request

Today is a very refreshing morning breeze and I am into Christmas mood these days. My fellow friends are asking me to make a couple of festive tags...So I made them in two days...Not easy to look for many ideas...
Anyway, just take a peek and thanks for comments made in my blog because you have made my day!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Holiday Tag for Christmas

I have always want to make little tag especially for Christmas and now I made holiday tags in the challenge Hero Arts. I also intend to make a few similar tags to give to my fellow colleagues. It is really enjoying in sharing with fellow friends about any interest that can relate to any topic i.e. cooking, arts, hobbies or anything. Anyway, I am going to make about twenty pieces of this tag.
I just hope they will love my tags.
Thanks for looking and have your comments in my blog.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 10 in M's Sketch Challenge #3

I am a little late mm...well very late by 10 days in putting this up in my blog after Savitri's announcement that I AM CHOSEN as one of top 10 in M's Sketch Challenge #3 by Savitri's little girl. It's fun to make cards and with her sketch drawn by herself. She's creative and hopes to have her mom's similar hobby too.
Mine is at the bottom 2nd from the left.
Thanks for looking and visiting my blog!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wishing a Laughter....Ho Ho Ho

Yeah, I am doing again on another request of Christmas card. A friend called and ask to make something with cute picture, so I made her the little Bentley Bear stamp. I colored him with pencil and attached a foam made Christmas glitter tree with tagged 'wishing you a laughter'. The background pattern paper is from Basicgrey. Isnt that we always want in everyday's life? Ha ha ha and Christmas Ho Ho Ho! And with this, I make myself to be part of the Get Sketchy GS #14 to be my guide of the card sketch. Wow, what a lovely Sunday morning with the coolest air breezing now!
Welcome with comments posted and will appreciate all of them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old- fashion Christmas

It is another challenge that I play along with Hero Arts Challenge of Unexpected color combo #2 of brown and green. I have always understand that the traditional colors like red , green , silver, blue, white always reflects the Christmas symbol colors. So this time I am trying colors like brown of a bit of conservative look.
Thanks for dropping by and make your comments.

GS# 13 Get Sketch & Hero Arts Challenge - Unexpected - Color Combo Friday

I have no idea of the matching colors with the ideas of sketch. So I combine the Get Sketchy GS#13 and Hero Arts combo colors and just give a shot to play with the card-making. I hope this can be commented and thanks for dropping by.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hero Arts Challenge - Unexpected Color Combo #3

It is my another challenge with Hero Arts Challenge. I always like to match the traditional combo colors like red and green but this time there are more colors added with more colorful just like a rainbow colors. So, I make the doll's 'clothing' with yellow and blue and red. The background is stamped with Hero Arts stamps and dry embossed of cuttlebug little circles. Then I made another Poinsettia flower as embellishment to enhance my card's look.

Hero Arts stamps: Clear design - alphabets
- winter's butterfly
wood set - Japanese doll

Thanks for dropping by and make some comments.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hero Arts Challenge: Unexpected (Color Combo #2)

It's my another fun challenge for Hero Arts Unexpected color combo #2.
Wow, it's fun to make another one and really enjoyed it though I have to work the next day. All the ingredients are from Hero Arts stamps and I dont have time to name them all at this moment as I am rushing to work now.
Thanks for visiting and drop some comments.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

M's Sketch 3rd Challenge

I am taking part for another M's Sketch 3rd Challenge of this card ( It's called the Snowflake'. I use the Basicgrey paper as background and some little snowflakes and the leaves to set up a huge snowflake. I hope Satvitir's daughter will like this.
Thanks for any comments given and visiting my blog.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another request....

Hi, my another close friend is asking for a birthday card for her sweet I made her a cupcake card. It has been quite a while I have not been making cards because I wasnt feeling well. Anyway, I am back again and have more to come then.
Thanks for dropping by and comment. Always welcome with your comments.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Pink Card....

This time I trying to kill two birds with stone that is I entering two sketches at one time. Isnt that good? There are Papier's Pink Card-Making challenge in line with Breast Cancer Campaign and the M's Sketch Challenge #1 of which is Satvitri's blog.

Wow, my project is getting more now...can you see the little ribbon at the left side? You know what it represents?

Thanks for having a pleasure view of my card...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my Work done as of 14 October 2009

These are the cards I made as for today....
Love the looking for ideas is not easy...

ALL these cards have found their truly owners.

My little Merry COW....moo moo

I have been hardworking like this cow...making for another request from a friend...for a Christmas card..
I always love Hero Arts Stamps and all from the same company in this picture card.
The background paper is from Basicgrey and cardstock.
Thanks for viewing and appreciate your comments....moo moo.....

This card found its truly owner.


This time I am making for a friend whose little niece's birthday on one year old that falls in the month of November 2009. My friend describes her niece is the sweetest and the most special one. So I made the sweetest cupcake with a little candle on top of the cream. To me, this cupcake's flavor is 'neapolitan'. mm yummy...
I use Hero Arts stamps of 'Happy Birthday' and ' Flourish Heart' and the border embossed is from Cuttlebug.
This card has found its truly owner.
Thanks for comments and I appreciate them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Merry 'Bell".....

Wow...another week has gone..let us count how many more weeks to is exciting. A good friend of mine likes my cards and asked me to make a card for her St Louis friend who is her great colleague. And I am doing this by following the sketch of GS#9 , Get Skecthy. Have some comments after your pleasure of viewing of it..and thanks.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My boy!

I use the HA wood block as background and the butterfly too. I love this piece of butterfly cos' it makes my heart melt and I just happen to get it recently. I got this inspiration from QuiterLin's scrap layout. So I give myself a try...
And I am entering for a competition locally (Papier) and cross my finger to win this time.
Thanks for your comments given and find out more from my blog...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Christmas is getting near

It's been a long time that I nearly missed out so many chances of taking part in any sketch. My kid was not feeling well and I have to spend lots lots of precious time with him, oh dear finally he is back to normal. I was too over-worried about his situation, well any mother would act the same if their baby is sick! Anyway, let's go back to the sketch stuff, GS#8, Get Sketch, I am back. Christmas is getting near and is coming to the year-end. Everybody is looking forward to great holidays. The first one, I was trying to make 'cold' Christmas with Hero Arts stamp and embossed with Cuttlebug template. The second one, I made three poinsettias this time for the Christmas card with MAking Memories paper. Thanks for dropping by and I am pleased that any comment is very much-welcomed!

Monday, September 28, 2009

ANother Happy Birthday with layered cake!

Last night I made another Tall layered cake for birthday card. this card is a simple card that any child would love it. The layered cakes are embossed with cuttlebug template with dots. Ooo...sweet yummy cakes. Yesterday I just got something for my next projects that can last for a long long time. Let's see more of my chapters of projects...Thanks for reading , looking and dropping by some of comments.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Basicgrey Challenge - Week 4

Another card for 'Happy Birthday' and this time is the challenge for BasicGrey - week - Embossing. I did the embossing onto the pieces of rounded patterns papers with Cuttlebug dots templates. Wow, making cards is simply the best hobby for me...thought of always wanted to get more stuff...for ...making cards...just see later..
Thanks for dropping by and always appreciate with your comments, my friends!
Happy crafting, folks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Well Soon, boy!

Two days ago, I found out that a friend's baby boy of mine had a bad perging for about a week. I really really pity the little boy who is just about 1 year old and 4 months plus and is still not feeling well due to the bad stomach ache. I was told by the mom that he must had picked something from the dirty floor and eat it! Oh my doesnt know anything...I have never seen such a baby have such an awful ache...even an adult hardly endure the suffer for such a long time and how can the person concentrate other work too? But this baby is so strong that he still can eat and actively playing around. He is a cute baby with chubby red cheeky face and always like to play and have fun with me. So as my love and care for him, I made him a nice card to cheer his mom and dad (though the baby doesnt know what is card all about) least this card keeps his lovely parents not to be over-board worry and feel bad for their baby son...
And I made this card based on the GET SKETCHY, GS#6 and thanks to GET SKETCHY for having another idea to give this little boy a courage to get recovered and he will enjoy his food again!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Get Sketchy , GS # 4

I am making a knob card to enter the challenge Get Skecthy, GS #4. It has been quite a while that I have not entered the challenge . Today is a holiday that I am at home, so I just grab all my tools and think what are the stuff that I plan to do , so I made it then. Well, about the Get Skecthy Guest DESIGNER, I would LOVE to be and it is ALWAYS in my DREAM....Cross my finger to go for it!!
Thanks for dropping by and have some comments on my knob card. See you again!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hero Arts Challenge - Man Week

I make this card for my husband who is always thoughtful and he is a funny man too. And this is for the challenge of Hero Arts 'Man Week'. He told me the kind of card he wants is that something simple ,not too colorful, more to nature kind and he hates green house effects. He hates animal being slaughtered that looks hell for nothing. He hopes the world will not just end due to human cruel mankind.

Thanks for dropping and have your wonderful comments in my blog.

Day 183, 365 Cards

This card is entered for the Day 183 challenge. I think this challenge is closed. However, I take this as just for fun and wouldnt mind if it is closed. I have been very busy and tomorrow is a day off for me , so I can have more relax time to make and create more cards. Making cards now is really a fantastic hobby for me and I dont find it bored all the time. But purchasing the tools is really eating my pocket money up a lot.
So thanks for reading and dropping by my blog and hope to participate more and more....
Apologize for the picture. This picture is fine as it should be in landscape but just dont understand why this picture rotated when I upload..I will try to fix this later a while.

Day 189, 365 Cards

Hi, I am entering a challenge of Day 189 - Charming in 365 Cards. The charm that you can see is a butterfly which hanging under the cute blue dotted ribbon. Guess where I got this? I just made it myself from bead. I love the background pattern paper which is from BasicGrey. I love the blue and the mix match with pink. I love the fonts of Baby' which is a die-cut template from Quickutz that it is a retiring model.
Thanks for dropping by and have some comments. YOu are very much welcomed!

Monday, August 31, 2009

30 Days of Creative Contests

Wow, I just received an e-mail from Kaisercraft and for 30 days with effective from tomorrow, Kaisercraft is going to have all 30 days with 30 prizes. I just wonder what are the contests and how it is gonna be played. This is going to be fun. I really enjoyed and cant wait to see whether an good things going to occur to me. Pray my luck will always be on my side.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hero Arts challenge week: Watercolor 'Colorit'

This is for the watercolor challenge of Hero Arts week. Tomorrow Sunday 29 August 2009 is the last day. I am a little bit tired now because I have been making a number of cards today. So now I have to concentrate my next work, cooking for dinner...oops my baby wants me to make some milk for him to drink...

Thanks for your great comments and thanks for dropping by.

Friday, August 28, 2009

'Your Next Stamp' 1st Design Team Call, Week 2 Combo Basicgrey Challenge, Get Skecthy #3

Oh my gosh, I hope I am not late. I just happened to know about the LAST CALL for new design team selection. I wish I could be able to enter for the selection. I hope I am not late. Cross my finger and always be positive.!!
Here go with my 2 new best selection of my cards for this DT call!!
Thanks a lot, Karen!

I am also designing these 2 cards to enter the BasicGrey Blogspot challenges Week 2: Color Combo and the Get Skecthy 6# as well. Oh boy!, I love these pattern paper from BasicGrey that shows the characteristics of different types of occasion that we wanna make like the 'Baby Girl' card is so touchy with motherly and baby girly hood. So lovingly!! And I like the little accessories of baby girl like the ballad shoes, pin, bottle are from Quickutz. The stamp of napkin' Baby' is from Hero Arts Clear stamp. Love it!

Well, my another creation card 'Birthday flourish' is requested by a friend for her birthday friend. I am proud to make her one and she loves it. Very suits her friend's character with the flowers, butterfly and the flourish love (Hero Arts Wood Stamp).

Thanks for dropping by and have some comments. Appreciate !!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puppy Birthday

I have always love puppy that I used to have one last time. My puppy girl named 'Bambi' and she was with us for 12 years. Anyway, she will be always in our family's heart and I drew her on this picture, that is not a rubber stamp, but it is with my own freehand style. I entered this competition in line with BasicGrey Challenge of the week as well as Hero Arts. Thanks for dropping by.

The Golden Congrats

I made this card for a client whose new office will be opened in Sep'09. I hope he will like this card. I tried to make it as simple as possible but elegant a way of professional card, not a love cute card.
Thanks for dropping by..


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