Sunday, March 7, 2010

Papier Crop Party on 6 March 2010 : SPRING theme

Today I entered a challenge in Papier for Crop Party Challenge The first one is the challenge of part 1 that is to make a shape card within 45 mins to complete it. And the second one is the part 2 to make card that with odd numbers of flowers with at least a patterned paper within 30 mins.
The judges are Ms Macy (the owner of Papier) and Ms Jessy Christopher (you know who she is).
I like using stamping so I made it. It was just like an exam ot complete them the soonest as possible with great creativity.
I won the first card (theme: shape card-House) and being honoured to receive nice RAK from Macy.
Take a look at to view for more fun there.
Well, my effort to join today's challenge is well-worth while and I hope this recognizes indeed.
Thanks for dropping by and happy to receive your comments in my blog.


  1. very pretty colors!! great cards! I love the birdhouse!! =)

  2. Oh I love them both but wow on the birdhouse...spectacular janet!

  3. Congrats on winning the shaped card challenge!! That is a beautiful card u created!! Thanks for ur support. See you around :)

  4. Congrats on winningthe challenge, Janet! Woohoo!



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