Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Well Soon, boy!

Two days ago, I found out that a friend's baby boy of mine had a bad perging for about a week. I really really pity the little boy who is just about 1 year old and 4 months plus and is still not feeling well due to the bad stomach ache. I was told by the mom that he must had picked something from the dirty floor and eat it! Oh my gosh...baby doesnt know anything...I have never seen such a baby have such an awful ache...even an adult hardly endure the suffer for such a long time and how can the person concentrate other work too? But this baby is so strong that he still can eat and actively playing around. He is a cute baby with chubby red cheeky face and always like to play and have fun with me. So as my love and care for him, I made him a nice card to cheer his mom and dad (though the baby doesnt know what is card all about)...at least this card keeps his lovely parents not to be over-board worry and feel bad for their baby son...
And I made this card based on the GET SKETCHY, GS#6 and thanks to GET SKETCHY for having another idea to give this little boy a courage to get recovered and he will enjoy his food again!!


  1. awwww...I hope that the baby feels better soon!!!! This card is fabbie...thanks for playing with us over at Get Sketchy!

  2. I'm sure your card will cheer him up, Janet! Love the bright colors and overlapping circles--really cute card!

  3. with this lovely card, I am sure the boy and his parents will feel better soon! really sweet card!

  4. I hope the baby is better, beautiful card!
    thnx for !playing



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