Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remember me my friend! Card Pattern Sketch #76

I am so fascinated with this Card Pattern play Sketch # 76 . I did this when I couldnt sleep last night after drinking a thick cup of coffee from local stall here. Too awake with my eyes open though my brain was tired, but the interest still carries on wiht the work to complete for a friend who is leavinig soon this Friday. And I manage to go to work with my eyes and brain alert It is a sad moment to see a her leaving the company, well all starts with an end, anyway, definitely we still keep in touch. I made this card as to remember me as always with a little bear.
All the supplies are made on my own, the flowers, the stamping.
I use stamping Hero Arts to do the backgrounds. And the little bear (I forgot the name) is from the Magazine of Cardmaking.
Thanks for reading and appreciate your comments.
Ooh..I am so tired...now..with 4 hrs slept..


  1. wow, gorgeous card. The flowers look great!

  2. I am sure ur friend will remember u!! That is a pretty card!! You are one talented cardmaker :)



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