Thursday, July 8, 2010

So many thoughts!

I recently have so many thoughts in my mind to take part in many events, and you know what..all are my hobbies. The events are the singing competition, art drawing and sketch contest, baking classes,cooking classes and never forget the cardmaking event giveaways. I am so excited that all my weekends for the coming 8 weeks are so fully occupied. But my poor hubby has to take care of my son during that time..I guess he will be okay with that..
So back to my blogging of this subject is that I am taking part for the Papier Blog Contest that is the challenge to create a layout and a matching cardmaking. I have been turning around my head and trying to get some visualisation on the layouts and matching card. There goes with my my family portraits and the matching card on the top.
Gotta go to bed now and it's about 1.30am in the morning..about 7 more hours to work.
Thanks for dropping by and night night!


  1. Hi Janet! Wow, you are multi-talented! Singing competition, too? I'm so impressed! I love your matching card and layout and great photos of your lovely family! Hope you're having a great summer!

  2. beautiful projects, Janet! and wow! you have been busy! good luck on everything you do!!

  3. wow... my dear.. you are multi talented and still find time to craft so beautifully..
    Lovely card and nice layout.. all the best in papier challenge :D

    I bought some nice laces from this craft/button shop next to MacDonald, PJ oldtown. The shop is on the inner lane.

    I did see some nice ones.. near Petaling Street.. same row as the bbq meats..near Nandos.. I think you can try there too :) Happy looking :D



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