Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's World's interest now after World Cup 2010 gone?

World Cup 2010 has over now and nothing much sparkle any current issues at this moment. It was a world fever of football for the past two weeks. Even the fortune teller bird and Paul, the octupus were asked to predict the winner of World Cup 2010, and there, Paul managed to predict correctly. It's an amazing that how in the world that an octupus can predict so so accurately. Yet, Paul managed to guess so precisely for the past 6 World Cup 2010 games. Is he a God that comes out as an octupus? Or scientificly, what kind of chemical does it own? Oh, nobody knows, it was just too unusual that amazed whole wide world. Now, everybody goes back to the normal routine life.

Anyway, this is my first entry to Cardabilities at Sketch #6. I am  so fond of making cards, even in my dream during my sleep is on ..well quite frequent. So I play with my new Hero Arts stamp (one of my favourite stamps range) with Martha Stewart edge heart punch and decorative scissors. I also did one red stretch line of hand sewing, not easy and really takes so much of labour time, ooohh. However, I felt that at least something 'real' appear on this card..with a real string, and I felt so complete with it.
So here it is with my card for my colleague who is leaving soon . Gotta get working now otherwise I will not finish my 'must' job then. Thanks for dropping by and do come again.


  1. FABulous take on the sketch Janet!!!! love the colors and the stitching!!!!

  2. nice card. I love the stamping.. nice stamps and colours.



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